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Our Yoga Camp in  is the first retreat Center in Jordan and is located in the protected area of the desert wadi rum. we offer you a wide range of Yoga Lessons & spiritual workshops during the year.

We created special retreats.


we have 15 traditional bedouin tents with 1 - 4 beds each

shared bathrooms & toilets

lounge tent with a fire place

a fireplace outside


meditation spots

bedouin yoga café & bedouin yoga tent


Our bedouin team guides you through the desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan. We offer hiking tours, camping in the desert, Camel trekkings and trekkings. Our special tour is the full day tour beyond the touristic highlights to get in touch with the bedouins, who still live like nomads. You can visit shepards & herdsmen or camelfarms.


Learn to cook a traditional dish with a bedouin family in Rum village and support the locals. We designed special multiple-day tours with cooking & sleeping in the desert!

We highly recommend to stay at least two nights. We can arrange day trips to Petra & the Red Sea.

The camp is hosted by a bedouin family from Wadi Rum & a european. So we combine perfectly the wishes of travelers and the bedouin culure and knowledge.

Be our guest and fall in love with the desert!


Your Bedouin-Yoga-Team


Enjoy a wide range of tours with a bedouin guide. We can arrange every kind of tour for you

 please ask, if you have special wishes. Our highest goal is, to make our guests happy!

You will be part of our tribe!

We offer traditional Bedouin Tents made of goat fur, which keeps you warm in Winter & cool in Summer. Our Tents are comfy and equipped with Beds, Mattresses , Bed Linen, Blankets, Pillows & towels.


We offer a wide range of Retreats & Tours in Wadi Rum and all over Jordan

You can rent our Venue or bring you group! We will help you tailoring a fantastic program fopr your guests and can help with transport & transfers, Accommodation and tour planning for a reasonable price.

Bedouin Yoga Camp

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